What’s the difference between tickets available and event capacity?

Understanding Capacity Terms:

  • Event Capacity: This represents the maximum number of tickets available for your entire event. Sticky Tickets ensure that you do not exceed this total.

  • Tickets Available: The quantity of tickets available for a specific ticket type.

  • Ticket Group Capacity: The combined maximum number of tickets that can be sold for tickets belonging to a group.


Sticky Tickets is designed to prevent exceeding your event capacity. For example, if your event capacity is 200 and you have three ticket types (Adult, Child, and Concession), each with a ticket availability of 200, Sticky Tickets will not sell any combination of tickets beyond the total event capacity of 200.

Event Capacity = 200

Ticket Types

Adult = 200

Child = 200

Concession = 200

In this setup, Sticky Tickets ensure not exceed the event capacity.

Ticket Group:

  • Child
  • Concession
    • Ticket Group Capacity: 100

In a scenario where a purchaser buys a ticket belonging to a ticket group, the system checks all capacities (Individual, Group, and Event). If any of the capacities are exhausted, the ticket cannot be purchased.

This design guarantees that the event remains within its specified capacity limits.