How do I copy an existing event?

Creating a new event on Sticky Tickets is now simpler than ever! You can duplicate an existing event, whether it's in Pending, Live, Completed, or Cancelled status. Follow these easy steps:

1.   Log in to Your Sticky Tickets Account: Access your Sticky Tickets account or click on "My Events" to begin the process.

2.   Locate the Event to Duplicate: Find the specific event you want to duplicate by searching through your event lists. You can use the "Status" filter or sort your event list for quick identification. Under the 'ACTIONS' column, click on the 'Copy' link for the event you wish to replicate.


Note: All details from the selected event, including the seating plan, will be copied to your new event. This includes operators, settings, and the thumbnail image. This feature provides a hassle-free way to duplicate events while giving you the flexibility to tailor settings to your specific needs.


3. Review and Edit Settings: Before going live with your new event, you have the opportunity to review and edit event settings. Update the event name and preview the settings that will be carried over from the original event.

4. Create a Copy: Once you've made any necessary adjustments, select "Create a Copy" at the bottom of the page. This action takes you to the next page, where you can make final amendments before making the new event live.



If you have any questions about copying an event or anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us at support and we'd be more than happy to help.